Terry Happer-scheier is proudly endorsed by the Mainstream Coalition

Terry has served her community in many ways.  Before her election to the Overland Park city council Terry worked mas a volunteer, including  the Overland Park Leadership program and the Planning Commission.  Terry has served on many city council committees in leadership  positions.  I urge you to elect Terry to the Ward 1 city council position.  Your vote is very important.
Ed Eilert, Chairman of Johnson County Commission and Former Overland Park Mayor

I have known Terry for decades and she is a tireless promoter for Overland Park. Not only has she selflessly served on many important committees throughout the years, she is currently the chair of our City Council. Terry is a very fair and reasonable person and I know she weighs both sides of a question carefully. I am so grateful that she is at the helm of my neighborhood!
Craig Sole of Craig Sole designs

I have known Terry since my own days on the Overland Park City Council. No one has a deeper commitment to the City–to its vitality, safety and future–then she. Terry represents her constituents with diligence and care.
Dr. Jay F Lehnertz